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Stanley/Stella in Russia.  Organic T-shirts for designers, merch, and company promo, Spb, Moscow.

Stanley/Stella certified organic clothing for merch and promo

Stanley/Stella is the manufacturer of the most fashionable premium T-shirts in Europe. Style, colours, and fabric is what makes Stanley/Stella unique. All products are 100% organic, vegan, and made from a variety of sustainable textiles: cotton, beech, eucalyptus. This innovative brand hails from Belgium and is currently one of the worlds leading producer of organic cotton clothing, and using clean environmental resources. Stanley/Stella is the answer to your question: "What am I going to wear tomorow?"

Stanley/Stella is simplicity that emphasizes the essence. Things that respect people and the environment. A company that changes the perception of the textile industry. This is all so that you can be proud of the clothes you wear, made in a more humane, ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Each fabric is selected with maximum attention. Quality and durability are an integral part. All cotton used is organic cotton, polyester is recycled polyester. Each Stanley/Stella item will last a long time and you can fully experience the softness of the textile.

Stanley/Stella 100% vegan product  Stanley/Stella certified organic clothing for merch and promo  Stanley/Stella have a collection of blended cotton and polyester Organic Soil Association monitors organic farming

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