Our color palette knows no bounds. We have more than 200 shades in our assortment. Bright pastels, melange, unique all-over-prints, soft vintage garment dyes and summer fluoro - all for all occasions. White, black, gray and other primary colors are presented in several tones. Merch, promo, corporate and designer fashion - in any shade, in any quantity, and for any project!


G. Dyed Fluo Pink Crush. C042 G. Dyed Fluo Apple Crunch. C043 G. Dyed Fluo Juicy Melon. C044 G. Dyed Fluo Lemonade Fizz. C045 G. Dyed Cadet Blue. C511 G. Dyed Canyon Pink. C512
G. Dyed Lava Grey. C514 G. Dyed Mid Anthracite. C515 Canyon Pink. C038 Majorelle Blue. C034 Yellow Mist. C035 Glazed Green. C036
Lava Grey. C039 Geyser Green. C037 Heather Snow Glazed Green. C686 Heather Snow Mid Blue. C700 Tie&Dye Canyon Pink. C809 Tie&Dye Canyon Pink. C810


Natural. C007 Vintage White. C504 Off White. C018 Garment Dyed White. C507 White. C001 Vintage White/Navy Twist. C961


Bright Red. C004 White/Bright Red. C967 Tangerine. C032 Bright Orange. C013 G. Dyed Fluo Juicy Melon. C044 Sunset Orange. C025
G. Dyed Fluo Pink Crush. C042 G. Dyed Canyon Pink . C512 Canyon Pink. C038 Tie&Dye Canyon Pink. C809 Candy Pink. C016 Burgundy. C244
Red. C004 Pink Punch. C024 Raspberry. C240 Cotton Pink. C005 Lavender Dawn. C030 Plum. C241
Tye&Dye Marjorelle Blue. C810 Marjorelle Blue. C034 Royal Blue. C230 Midnight Blue. C591 Dark Washed Indigo. C572 French Nay. C727
White/French Navy. C966 Navy. C003 Mid Washed Indigo. C551 Dark Indigo Denim. C572 Mid Indigo Denim. C571 G. Dyed Cadet Blue. C511
Light Indigo Denim. C570 Azur. C231 Sky Blue. C232 Baby Blue. C015 Citadel Blue. C725 Stargazer. C702
Ocean Depth. C710 Caribbean Blue. C724 Geyser Green. C037 Fresh Green. C014 Varsity Green. C029 White/Varsity Green. C858
G. Dyed Fluo Apple Crunch. C043 G.Dyed Fluo Lemonade Fizz. C045 Golden Yellow. C012 Spectra Yellow. C204 Yellow Mist. C035 Hay Yellow. C040
Moss Green. C033 British Khaki. C008 Khaki. C223 Light Khaki. C704 Glazed Green. C036 Bottle Green. C224
Deep Chocolate. C041 Roasted Orange. C031 Camel. C010 Desert Dust. C028 Opal. C251 G. Dyed Lava Grey. C514
Lava Grey. C039 G. Dyed Mid Anthracite. C515 Garment Dyed Anthracite. C506 Anthracite. C253 India Ink Grey. C715 Black. C002
White/Black. C895 Black/White. C896


Cream Heather Pink. C682 Cream Heather Pink/Bright Red. C861 Mid Heather Red. C657 Heather Grey/Burgundy. C968 Heather Grey/French Navy. C985 Heather Grey/Royal Blue. C969
Dark Heather Indigo. C658 Dark Heather Blue. C652 Mid Heather Blue. C653 Heather Ice Blue. C585 Mid Heather Green. C656 Mid Heather Khaki. C659
Heather Sand. C592 Cream Heather Grey. C680 Heather Grey. C250 Mid Heather Grey. C650 Dark Heather Grey. C651


Black Heather Blue. C588 Black Heather Cranberry. C589 Dark Heather Denim. C670 Ecru Neppy Mandarine. C695 Heather Ash. C693 Heather Black Denim. C697
Heather Cranberry. C583 Heather Eucalyptus. C582 Heather Grape Red. C664 Heather Grey Slub. C255 Heather Neppy Burgundy. C687 Heather Snow Glazed Green. C686
Heather Snow Mid Blue. C700 Mid Heather Royal Blue. C587 Slub Heather Grey. C671 Slub Heather Steel Grey. C673


Camouflage. C805 Leopard. C806