Tie dyes & splatters

Tie-dye, Dip-dye & Splatters.
Inspired by special effect.

The threads of a Natural Raw garment are 100% cotton. The cotton threads absorb dye colours much easier than polyester. And this means many more possibilities to create different dying effects - and create fantastic experiment!

Natural Raw provides a perfect canvas for perfect creativity.

Dip-dye is the process of either spraying the garment or dipping it gently into the colours.  Tie-dye is exactly that - tying up the garment and allowing the colours to only penetrate the surface areas.  Splatter effects are where surface colour is removed from the garment.

All dyes are natural, and no harmful chemicals are added to the process.  Therefore these vibrant T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts remain 100% organic and vegan.

Stanley/Stella выбрать цвет, модные цвета, цвета для дизайнеров

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