Iconic unisex hoodie sweatshirt
58.50 €
14-21 days
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Approximately 14-21 days.


промо мерч печать на футболках футболки футболки оптом

Stanley/Stella is the manufacturer of the most fashionable premium T-shirts in Europe. Style, colours, and fabric is what makes Stanley/Stella unique. All products are 100% organic, vegan, and made from a variety of sustainable textiles: cotton, beech, eucalyptus. This innovative brand hails from Belgium and is currently one of the worlds leading producer of organic cotton clothing, and using clean environmental resources. Stanley/Stella is the answer to your question: "What am I going to wear tomorrow?"

Stanley/Stella is simplicity that emphasises the essence. Things that respect people and the environment. A company that changes the perception of the textile industry. This is all so that you can be proud of the clothes you wear, made in a more humane, ethical and environmentally friendly way.

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