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Continental Clothing basic clothing from Europe for merch

In 1996, the Continental brand was born and almost immediately won the recognition of representatives of local subcultures. Impeccable quality for many years, is the hallmark of the Continental brand. Musicians, designers and artists choose this brand for themselves and for their capsule collections.

Continental's range is the brand of choice not only for the fashion conscious buyer, but also the buyer who cares about where and how the garment is produced. The range comes with just a size label in the neck making it idea for those who want to offer their own range of printed branded clothing. Continental Clothing Co. is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation which support ethically sourced products and they are at the forefront of ethical standards. When buying continental products you know where the cotton has come from and it has been produced with workers rights being observed.

 Fair Wear Foundation supports ethically sourced products

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